Tiger philosophy lesson 108:

Recently I met a young man and a women. The young man had a great devotion in his hearth for his profit and the wholly scriptures. As I was listening to him, he was putting himself on very thin ice. Despite his true devotion to religion he was wondering what if everything which was thought and learned to me by the preachers, teachers, the parents and the scriptures only contained half the truth?

The young women had an opposite upbringing then him, she had grown in a very free spirited environment not a single scarf of religion or suppression had touched her. She wondered what if life described in the wholly scriptures provides a better way of living which leads to a more true and a happy life. What if instead of living in this free spirited mind you could devote your life to your religion your husband and family, could that not be more fulfilling and meaningfull life?

They both possessed a rebellious hearth in which they dared to challenge their own accumulated believes and challenged the circle of comfort in which they felt home.

The quality of rebellion, no main stream!

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