Tiger philosophy lesson 100:

When I have 1000 philosophies I will publish them in a book. The book will be called “The Tiger Philosophy”!

I hope that my philosophies will grow as I will grow, they will become more richer as I will become more knowledgeable, they will become more sharpened and authentic as I will mature.

They will reflect the world as I see from an objectively subjective point of view. Contemplating between good and evil, right and wrong. Taking the great variety and colorfulness of life into consideration. They will have more depth and passion into them, a great determination to express. Continuously trying to get to the debt of understanding as far as understanding allows it to go. They will try to touch the boundaries where words cannot express the level of experience they have undergone.

There is a deep relationship and a destiny to grow attached to me and the tiger philosophies, that is our curse and virtue at same time!

The first century!

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