Steve Jobs biography

Book of Steve Jobs is a great source of inspiration. During the whole book I have  felt great irritation and admiration towards him. Whatever  we think about Steve Jobs,  we must agree that he has revolutionized, the computer, music  and phone industry.

His love for simplicity and perfection is so scary and yet at the same time so inspiring.

One thing  which inspired me the most in his personality was, his ability to focus and totally disconnected from the feelings of other people.  Steve was so direct in his communication that he could insult and criticize somebody till that person was  buried alive of shame,  without feeling even a little compassion or regret for the other. Because of this personality traits and his love for technology art and perfection  made him such a great product developer.

What many people don’t know about Steve Jobs was his love for eastern philosophy. He was inspired by Zen’s minimalistic approach to life which can be seen in Apple’s products. When Steve Jobs was Jong boy he used to walk in  Harry Krishna clothes and  walked  bare footed on the streets. He did not take shower for weeks because he believed it was not necessary for him because he consumed a certain fruit diet.

After reading this book I am inspired to create great products and services which really add  value to peoples life.

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